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Why are we so tired during the pandemic?

Living through the coronavirus pandemic may have you feeling sluggish. This could be from increased responsibilities at home, at work, or working from home. Even if you’re getting more sleep than usual, you might still feel exhausted.

Alyza Berman, founder and clinical director of the Berman Center, was recently quoted in a Washington Post article about sleep and exhaustion during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sleep is only part of the solution to the problem of exhaustion. You also have to calm down the mind.

During these times, you might “lie down and your mind is still going because there’s just no downtime,” says Alyza. Your mind might be preoccupied with forgetting to buy sanitizer, how much toilet paper you have left, or how your loved one is coping with stress. Read the full Washington Post article, Some of us have more time to sleep. So why are we so tired?