Atlanta Outpatient Programs for Mental Health & Substance Use

6425 Powers Ferry Rd, Suite 300, Atlanta 30339


Dominique Jones, LAPC, NCC


Life is hard and managing mental health can feel even harder. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to never feel pain or to never struggle but that’s part of what makes us human.  

That’s where I come in! My goal as a therapist is to make those times of struggle easier and more manageable. A blend of mindfulness-based stress reduction, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and person-centered therapy creates my perfect therapeutic cocktail.  

As you partake on your mental health journey, my goal is to be a guide that provides support and tools that make a basis for long-term management of your mental health, so you navigate more of Life’s pits and falls with confidence and grace.  

As a therapist I like to connect with my clients and create a space where they feel they can be their true authentic selves while offering challenges that lead to growth and change.