Atlanta Outpatient Programs for Mental Health & Substance Use

6425 Powers Ferry Rd, Suite 300, Atlanta 30339


Morgan Grate

Director of Admissions

I was inspired to work in this field after my own personal struggle with substance abuse and mental health issues. I am passionate about helping families and their loved ones find the treatment they need and deserve so they can begin their healing journey. I started working in the field in 2017 and joined The Berman Center team in 2019. It was important for me to work at a place that aligned with my belief in service, authenticity, and connection.  I know there is hope. I know that people get well once they’re able to connect. I know people are more than their addiction, more than a diagnosis, and more than their fear and sickness. I believe that everyone is worth fighting for. And I’m happy to be a part of a team that believes the same.