Why are we so tired during the pandemic?

Why are we so tired during the pandemic? Sleeping woman.

Living through the coronavirus pandemic may have you feeling sluggish. This could be from increased responsibilities at home, at work, or working from home. Even if you’re getting more sleep than usual, you might still feel exhausted. Alyza Berman, founder and clinical director of the Berman Center, was recently quoted in a Washington Post article […]

Surviving Sober Living During a Pandemic

Surviving sober living during a pandemic, a man is reading on a laptop

The most recent pandemic was 101 years ago, so it’s safe to say: no one has experienced anything quite like this before. It’s new, and takes a lot of getting used to, but there’s no opportunity to ease into it gradually. One day it’s life as usual, and the next: the world is turned upside […]