Atlanta Outpatient Programs for Adults & Adolescents Struggling with Mental Health & Substance Use

Family Support

Supporting Families and Helping Loved Ones Heal
Strengthening and healing our clients closest support systems is an integral part of finding long-term recovery and wellness. Here at The Berman Center, we know that the families need to heal too.  We offer many opportunities for connectedness and support during your loved ones time in treatment.

  • New Family Orientation- We offer this group to provide practical information about the recovery process and help answer any questions that families may have about The Berman Center. We understand this can be a scary time but we are here to help navigate this journey with you.  The New Family Orientations take place bi-weekly, Wednesdays at 12pm, in order to quickly get new families comfortable with the process.
  • Family Therapy- Working with one of our qualified clinicians, families can begin to resolve issues that have become complicated while managing your loved ones well-being. Family therapy sessions are scheduled every other week throughout the entirety of treatment.  These sessions can help establish new relationship roles and boundaries, develop healthier communication skills and plan for their loved ones success after completing treatment.
  • Family Support Groups- The Berman Center offers TWO weekly support groups for loved ones. There is a Multi-family process group Wednesday’s at 12pm.  This group is a space where you can come together and talk about your struggles and your wins with your loved one’s mental health journey.

We also provide a weekly skills group for families on Thursdays at 2pm. In this group, you’ll be learning important mental wellness coping skills and strategies. By participating in your own learning process, you can better relate to your loved ones and also help them better understand these skills by all practicing together.