Al Young, CACI, RRT-PClinician

    As a recovering addict myself, the first thing I want you, my client, to know is that there is Hope. You’ve survived your addiction for a reason and there’s a purpose for your life waiting to be fulfilled – whether or not you believe that right now. No matter who you are or what you’ve done, there’s a place for you in recovery and I’m here to help make this process easier.

    My first sponsor, probably in response to one of my egotistical comments, stated, “You are so sick, you’re probably gonna be a counselor.” I have to admit, he was right about everything and I’ve discovered  that it’s much easier to transform your life when you have help from someone who’s done it themselves.

    I began my career volunteering at an acute-care facility and have humbly and thankfully been a part of some of the best in-patient, residential, and intensive outpatient programs in the Atlanta area ever since.

    The most important part of what I do as a counselor is to forge a bond of trust by relating to and respecting what you’ve experienced and survived. I give my clients all that I have to give – my authenticity, my heart, my wisdom, my empathy. The real stuff.

    Over my 25 years of experience in the substance abuse and mental health field, I’ve developed my own mixed methodology – acquired from great and knowledgeable mentors, coupled with favorite recovering presenters and authors. I stick with the things that work and what has worked for me and those like me.

    Life, faith, and helping others is my Joy!!! Relationships are my treasures. My senses are my entertainment. Love is my language. My son and daughters…My granddaughter…sometimes, I almost can’t fathom that she is part of me.

    Other joys include riding Harleys, playing music/guitars, music in general.  And, my Veteran Brothers.

    I strive to do the next right thing and if I mess up, I renew my effort. I live in the fourth dimension, where Willingness is the Key.



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