Catherine Baxter, LPCClinician

    I believe that healing takes place within the relationships and bonds formed between client and therapist. Guided by this belief, my primary focus is on forging trusting, warm, open, and compassionate relationships with my clients.

    Throughout my professional journey, the greatest gift I have received is self-compassion, and I work diligently to pass that gift on to my clients.

    I find that I’m able to center and ground myself in my work by balancing it by doing a variety of activities I enjoy: hiking in the mountains, reading, traveling to new places, yoga, satisfying my perfectionism with an efficiently packed car, watching the same movies over and over, camping, and being immediately gratified by online shopping.

    I love helping individuals, couples, and families find balance in their busy lives and re-focus their energies on values that are important to them. My experience has been gathered in a variety of settings, including public and private schools, a nonprofit youth organization, and a family counseling agency. I also maintain a private practice.


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