Sarah Galambos, RYT200Yoga Instructor

    I’m that person to whom total strangers divulge their entire life story.

    I’ve held many hearts through – and have experienced firsthand – marriage, divorce, birth, death, and almost everything in-between.

    In an earlier life, I was a graduate of Agnes Scott College, having earned a degree in psychology. I taught grades K-12 off and on for 20 years in Atlanta, loving almost every minute of it. When I realized I was coaching and practicing yoga with my kindergartners more than focusing on Common Core Curriculum, I decided it was time to pursue what I love most.

    The catalyst that drove me to create my new life and new business was the need to get my own head on straight. In 2013, I was newly divorced from a 20-year marriage and was making a boatload of unhealthy choices. In a moment of clarity, I resolved to get myself unstuck and to not take the same issues that contributed to the end of my marriage into any future relationships. My biggest hurdle was overcoming victimhood and addiction to my story. Over time, I learned to quit blaming other people, places, and things for the choices I had made and the way I was living, especially once I discovered that it was I who was the common denominator in all my life circumstances.

    The life I live now is so authentically happy, joyous, and free that I’ve made it my mission to help others learn how to create that for themselves. I know that all the answers we need and all the happiness we want already reside within us.

    I have two children, a husband, and a cat, all of whom I absolutely adore. They are amazing beings, my biggest supporters, loudest cheerleaders and sources of infinite gratitude. I learn something valuable from them every day.


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