Atlanta Outpatient Programs for Adults & Adolescents Struggling with Mental Health & Substance Use

Haylie Yakrus, MS, APC, NCC


Healing is formed through authentic human connection. My approach to the therapeutic process is primarily focused on creating an environment of trust and connection, allowing for the development of a working partnership through strategies that encourage you to address the root causes to build a meaningful and fulfilling life.

I provide long-term therapy to clients from diverse backgrounds, who are struggling with a wide range of challenges, such as anxiety, depression, life transitions, trauma, grief, and interpersonal conflict. I draw from a variety of therapeutic modalities and philosophies, all of which are provided through an empathetic and individualistic style that inspires my clients to cultivate personal growth.

I’m passionate about empowering individuals to find their inner strength, because through this channel, they will find their true self. I’m honored to be taking this journey with you!