Our Team, Our Family

The Berman Center is a local, CARF accredited, hands-on Atlanta treatment center. Our independence from the dictates of corporate ownership gives us the freedom to develop our programs in ways that best serve our clients and ensure their optimal treatment outcomes.

We’re down-to-earth and welcoming, and when you’re one of our clients, we promise that every clinician will know your name and be somehow involved in your care.

We’ve created a home-like culture set in an office building rooted in the trees. There are serene rooms for groups and therapy sessions; and, there are also places to curl up and do your homework, take care of personal business, take a walk outdoors, or just sit still and be with yourself.

We have the traditional group and individual treatment sessions, and we also offer yoga classes, personal training, and a variety of creative-expression classes that can act as powerful supplements to your personalized treatment program.

Your comfort is everything to us and we want you to feel heard, seen and well-cared-for. Along those lines, you’ll enjoy our wide variety of healthy snacks, soft drinks, coffee, tea, and water. If there’s anything else you’d like for us to provide, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Highly-Individualized Treatment Programs

After taking your thorough history, our highly-skilled therapists collaborate to create a unique recovery program with you that supports who you are, what you need, and what you want to construct in your life. The Berman Center also utilizes Rapid Resolution Therapy®, a quick-acting modality employed by specialized therapists that allows you to step away from negative feelings so you can get on with creating a life that you love. Learn more

Clinical Internship Opportunities

The Berman Center collaborates with mental health, addiction and social work masters level programs to provide the best clinical internship opportunities. We believe building strong clinicians starts during internship and the investment in growth during that year. To inquire please email We look forward to hearing from you!

Alumni Aftercare Support

The Berman Center offers a strong alumni program (we call it TRIBE) for those who have graduated. TRIBE is run jointly by Berman Center Graduates and staff.

Tribe is our weekly Alumni, informal process group. We believe that the core foundation to healing starts with connection. That connection to the community is formed while at The Berman Center and carries through Tribe long after completion of the program. We are a family of our own choosing! Tribe is a safe place to be your authentic self and share life’s successes and struggles TOGETHER! We can’t wait to meet you and warmly welcome you to your new Tribe!

Family Support

Family engagement is a huge part of recovery and wellness. At The Berman Center, we offer weekly family support groups as well as on-going biweekly family therapy throughout your loved ones’ treatment with us. Learn more



Every member of our team brings the “X-factor” to work everyday, making The Berman Center a transformative, unique & effective experience. We work together to create a comfortable, fully-supportive atmosphere where everyone can truly address their issues and work to create a better life for themselves.
Founder & Executive Director, Clinical Director of The Berman Center