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Ignite for Teens

Ignite at The Berman Center is our specialized teen therapy program in Atlanta.

Teen Counseling in Atlanta

IGNITE is a 10 week, Intensive Outpatient Program for teens ages 14-18 who are living with mental health issues. Participants learn the life skills needed to navigate our complex world and to develop insight into who they are, why they do what they do, and how they can create meaningful lives by contributing to others.

Unique Teen Therapy in Atlanta

We treat your child as an individual. No cookie-cutter programs here. We listen deeply. We connect. We see your child for who they are. Then, our team of highly-trained therapists creates a holistic treatment program specifically tailored to your child’s mind, body, and spirit.

Academic Support

Most adolescents are in school while attending our program. This can be both a stressor and an opportunity for your child to put into practice what they are learning right away. Our academic liaison will work with your child’s school to ensure that they stay on top of their schoolwork while getting the most out of treatment.

Our teen therapy program in Atlanta also offers tutoring by professionals who have been trained to work with students struggling with mental health issues. 

Support for the Whole Family

It’s essential that the family as a whole gain a deeper understanding of their loved one and learn how to play an active, supporting role in their healing process. That’s why IGNITE offers classes not only for your child but also for parents and siblings, and other supportive family and friends who want to be involved.

One, Unified Purpose

The staff at our Atlanta teen counseling center works as one, unified team with one, unified intention: to restore your child first to themselves, then to their family and their academic life.

It takes a village to support a child. That’s why we involve parents, clinicians, psychiatrist, and school to address and restore every area of your child’s life. In time, your child will gain the life and communication skills needed to set them firmly on the road to becoming their best self. 


Treatment Designed Just for Teens & Adolescents

When your teen has received a mental health diagnosis, it’s important that you find the right team counseling Atlanta has to offer. High-quality outpatient facilities give you flexibility so that you can still get Atlanta teen mental health treatment in and around school obligations. Programs can be worked into an existing schedule with time allocated for tutoring or started during holidays and lengthy breaks. But finding the right Atlanta teen mental health treatment can seem overwhelming.

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Why Teens Need Treatment

Adolescence is an important developmental stage during which teenagers cultivate social and emotional habits that prepare them for good mental health into adulthood. This includes things like interpersonal skills, emotional management, regular exercise, healthy sleeping patterns, and coping skills.

Without teen counseling, Atlanta teenagers with a diagnosed mental health condition may face issues managing their emotions, problem-solving, being physically healthy as well as emotionally and mentally healthy, and curating stable social habits into adulthood.


Facts About Teen Mental Health

The adolescent years are special and significant. Adolescents are more susceptible to mental health issues due to physical, emotional, and social changes, such as experiencing poverty, abuse, or violence. Adolescents’ health and well-being during adolescence and into adulthood depend on safeguarding them from harm, fostering socio-emotional learning and psychological well-being, and ensuring access to mental health care. The prevalence of mental health issues among 10 to 19-year-olds is estimated to be 1 in 7 (14%) globally, despite most of these conditions going undiagnosed and untreated.

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How to Choose a Teen Therapy Program in Atlanta

Mental health issues can cause harm not only to the individual but to their friends and family. For teenagers, there are increased risks of social problems, relationship dysfunction, eating disorders, and substance misuse. With the right teen counseling in Atlanta, parents can rest easy knowing their child is in good hands.

Goals & Needs

With teen therapy Atlanta facilities need to offer treatment for the conditions with which your teen is struggling. Not all facilities have qualified therapists and staff members for things like bipolar disorder or trauma. 

The Berman Center specializes in evidence-based, personalized treatment with a spiritual emphasis. Teens who participate in our programs immerse themselves in a therapeutic community while engaging in individual and group therapy and enjoying family involvement. We treat things like:

  • Trauma
  • Schizophrenia
  • Personality Disorders
  • Grief
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar Disorder

You also want to consider the length and type of programs available. Very few teenagers are able to extricate themselves from their daily lives and participate in a full-time residential program, but our IOP provides teen therapy Atlanta families can integrate into other commitments. 

During our teen therapy Atlanta clients can expect family therapy and individual sessions weekly, with the remainder of the time allocated to group sessions. We go above and beyond with our group sessions by affording teens control over some of their time with a list of electives like:

  • ACT
  • Art therapy
  • Body image therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Narrative therapy
  • Yoga
  • Psychodrama therapy
  • Expressive arts
  • Life skills
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition

For many people, cost is the biggest factor in selecting teen counseling Atlanta based. The cost of treatment can vary dramatically from one facility to the next, contingent upon how long the program is, what types of programs are available, and which levels of care you use.

Thankfully, we have many options available to help you cover the cost of treatment. No matter your budget, we can speak with you about the cost of our team programs, and what amenities and modalities are included in that cost. We can review your insurance coverage for you to help you determine what remaining financial obligations you are responsible for and what alternative payment methods are available. We have a few scholarships for qualifying families, so don’t let the fear of costly teen counseling Atlanta based stop you from learning more about what options are available for your loved ones.

Amenities & Activities

At The Berman Center, our IGNITE treatment provides an eight-week commitment with an option for additional step-down programming. During that time, your team can take advantage of our gym and yoga studio, use technology like phones and laptops during the program, and relax in our teen lounge space, complete with a ping pong table, tv, and comfortable seating.


Our facility provides confidential Atlanta teen mental health treatment. Your family does not have to worry about anyone being made aware of what program your teen is in unless you choose to share that information. 

Moreover, we are located just outside the city center, close enough to popular destinations like the Braves stadium that highway access makes transportation easy, but clients still feel like they are surrounded by a supportive, isolated environment.

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