Atlanta Outpatient Programs for Mental Health & Substance Use

6425 Powers Ferry Rd, Suite 300, Atlanta 30339


Aaron Earl

Admissions Coordinator

Originally from Atlanta, I went to Bowdoin College in Maine, where my love for the outdoors inspired me to study environmental science. Graduating in 2020, I moved around and explored, from Montana to Colorado to Boston, working as a line cook and barista while having skiing and hiking adventures. Despite how fun that sounds, I faced my own mental health challenges during that time. I felt disconnected from the world and my friends because of the pandemic; I had my last semester of senior year ripped away and my life thrown off track. However, I saw that I wasn’t alone in my struggles. My coworkers, friends, and customers at work all faced depression and anxiety every day to varying degrees, and that’s what inspired me to pivot towards working in mental health. 

Now, at Berman, I strive to connect people with the programs they need for whatever mental health challenges they’re facing. Each day, I see the impact we can have on our clients as they develop tools and find support. Watching people find their true selves and develop confidence is what drives me in this field, and that’s why I hope to go back to school and become a therapist myself. Until then, I hope to make a difference by helping people get started on the road to recovery.