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We offer treatment for co-occurring disorders through an addiction and mental health treatment center near  Buckhead.

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In the 21st century, awareness of the impact of substance and mental health issues has grown tremendously. So, there is an awareness of the vital need to treat these issues as soon as possible. Prompt treatment not only helps you recover from the substance- or mental health-related symptoms already affecting you. It also enables you to avoid worsening symptoms over time. 

Like many people, your recovery needs may only include substance treatment. They may also only include treatment for another kind of mental health condition. But you may also belong to a third category of people who develop a dual diagnosis that includes both issues. The treatment requirements in each of these situations can vary widely. And the fact of the matter is that not all recovery facilities can fulfill these diverse requirements.

Fortunately, in Buckhead, GA, you have access to a comprehensive local provider: The Berman Center Center, based in nearby Atlanta. We feature recovery options for substance abuse, mental illness, and dual diagnosis. From PHP to IOP treatment, you’ll find it here. You’ll also find a staff of dedicated professionals with a commitment to providing effective care.

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Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Our Buckhead Drug Rehab

Dual diagnosis treatment is a cornerstone of our commitment to holistic and effective care at The Berman Center. This specialized approach acknowledges the interconnected nature of substance use disorders and co-occurring psychiatric conditions. By addressing both aspects concurrently, our Atlanta Dual Diagnosis program aims to provide comprehensive treatment that significantly reduces the risk of relapse, promoting lasting recovery for individuals in Buckhead and beyond.

At The Berman Center Center, we provide the resources and recovery time you need. Our treatment plans tackle all of your symptoms jointly with customized treatment options. When you get this kind of coordinated support, improvements in your mental illness symptoms can reinforce your substance recovery. Improvements in your substance abuse/addiction symptoms can also reinforce your mental illness recovery. The overall result is often greater progress toward all of your treatment objectives. 

Want more information on how we address dual diagnosis at our Buckhead drug and alcohol rehab center? Consult us today.

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Components of Dual Diagnosis Treatment near Buckhead

Identification and Assessment

Our journey towards comprehensive healing begins with a thorough identification and assessment process. Our experienced team conducts evaluations to understand the unique combination of substance use disorders and psychiatric conditions each individual is facing. This initial step sets the foundation for a tailored treatment plan.

Integrated Treatment Plans

Treatment at The Berman Center involves integrated care plans that seamlessly weave together strategies for addressing substance use and mental health challenges. This integrated approach recognizes the interdependence of these conditions, offering a holistic solution that nurtures the mind and body simultaneously.

Specialized Therapeutic Modalities

Our program incorporates specialized therapeutic modalities designed to target both substance use and psychiatric disorders. These may include evidence-based therapies, counseling sessions, psychoeducation, and experiential therapies. The goal is to provide a multifaceted approach that promotes healing on multiple levels.

Collaborative Care Team

A collaborative care team, consisting of medical doctors, mental health clinicians, and counselors, works together to provide comprehensive support. This team approach ensures that individuals receive a well-rounded and coordinated treatment experience, addressing both the physical and mental aspects of their well-being.

Relapse Prevention Strategies

Recognizing the vulnerability to relapse in individuals with co-occurring disorders, our program places a strong emphasis on relapse prevention. We equip individuals with coping mechanisms, life skills, and ongoing support to navigate challenges and stressors, reducing the likelihood of returning to harmful behaviors.

Education and Empowerment

The Berman Center goes beyond immediate symptom management. We prioritize education and empowerment, providing individuals with a deeper understanding of the relationship between substance use and psychiatric conditions. Armed with knowledge, individuals can actively participate in their recovery journey.

Stories of Hope

Benefits of Our Dual Diagnosis Approach

Reduced Relapse Risk

By addressing both substance use and psychiatric disorders simultaneously, our program significantly reduces the risk of relapse. This comprehensive approach fosters a more resilient foundation for sustained recovery.

Improved Mental Health Outcomes

Integrated treatment positively impacts mental health outcomes, leading to improved emotional well-being and overall quality of life. Our program is designed to break the cycle of substance use and mental health challenges, promoting lasting positive change.

Enhanced Overall Wellness

Individuals engaged in Dual Diagnosis Treatment experience enhanced overall wellness, as the program addresses the root causes of their challenges. By nurturing mental health alongside recovery from substance use, individuals are better positioned to rebuild their lives.

At The Berman Center, our Dual Diagnosis Treatment is a testament to our commitment to comprehensive healing. If you or a loved one in Buckhead is facing the complex interplay of substance use and mental health disorders, contact us today to explore how our program can be a transformative path toward lasting recovery.


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Looking for withdrawal support, substance treatment or dual diagnosis care in Buckhead? A convenient, local provider may be your best bet. That’s especially true when that provider also offers a range of additional benefits. 

At The Berman Center Center, we not only provide frontline resources for Buckhead drug rehab and dual diagnosis care. We also feature other important services such as:

We also provide treatment for those affected by relationship codependency or a behavioral addiction to gambling. 

Want to gather more information before you enroll at our Buckhead drug and alcohol rehab center? Contact us today through email, a phone call or our online form. You can also use these options to get started on your admission to a suitable program.

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