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The Berman Center provides mental health and addiction treatment near Decatur.

Integrated Care for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Wellness

Mental health services often go hand-in-hand with addiction treatment because of significant links between the two. If you’re looking for mental health services in Decatur, GA, consider Atlanta outpatient mental health treatment programs at The Berman Center. We’re a treatment center specializing in mental health and addiction services near Decatur.

Adults 18+

Substance Abuse


Discover how our substance abuse program can help you overcome addiction for good.
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Adults 18+

Mental Health

Mental Health

Learn more about our mental health programs for adults at The Berman Center.
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Adults 18+



We offer dual-diagnosis treatment for co-occuring disorders.
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Ages 14-18

Ignite for Adolescents

Ignite IOP

Ignite is our teen & adolescent mental health IOP in Atlanta.
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What's the Relationship Between Mental Disorders and Substance Use?

Substance use disorders are mental disorders affecting the brain, physical health, and behavior. You cannot control your substance use if you’re dealing with addiction. You can develop an addiction to alcohol and both illegal and prescription drugs. A diagnosable condition, a substance use disorder can be moderate to severe. In technical terms, addiction is the most severe type of SUD.

If you have a substance use disorder, or you’re looking for drug rehab in Decatur or nearby for someone you love, co-occurring disorders should also be considered.

Around half of people with a substance use disorder have a co-occurring mental condition and vice versa. Mental health conditions that are common in addiction include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Personality disorders
  • Bipolar disorder

Having multiple conditions doesn’t necessarily mean one caused the other.

Current research shows a few reasons why mental disorders and substance abuse often occur together.

  • Similar risk factors can contribute to SUDs and other psychiatric disorders. For example, genetic risk factors or environmental factors, like trauma, may be shared between the two.
  • Someone with a pre-existing mental health disorder might try to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. That can make their symptoms worse over time. There are also often brain changes seen in people with psychiatric disorders that enhance the reward effect of substances.
  • Substance use can change the function and structure of the brain, making someone more susceptible to developing a mental health disorder.

If you’re looking for mental health treatment in Decatur along with addiction treatment, consider The Berman Center. We’re close to Decatur; our treatment programs are personalized and advanced.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment near Decatur

The Berman Center is a leader in providing dual diagnosis treatment for SUDs and co-occurring mental conditions. Evidence-based approaches indicate it’s best to treat these at the same time instead of separately.

It’s important that treatment is specialized and providers understand co-occurring disorders. Making an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan can be especially challenging because the symptoms overlap.

Foundational to dual diagnosis treatment is behavioral therapy. Examples of behavioral therapy we use at our Atlanta center include cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy.

  • CBT helps you learn how to cope with challenges by questioning your irrational thoughts to shift your behaviors.
  • DBT is a type of CBT that uses mindfulness and a sense of acceptance. You learn skills to control emotions and reduce self-destructive behaviors. DBT can also help improve your relationships.
  • Medications may be part of a mental health treatment plan, too. For example, medicines are approved to treat alcohol and opioid use disorders and psychiatric disorders.

The Berman Center is available when you’re looking for mental health services in Decatur, GA. We can help whether you’re looking for a program for yourself or someone you love.

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The Benefits of Outpatient Care

Everyone’s treatment journey is going to be unique to them. For some people, a starting place might be inpatient treatment. Then, as they’re ready, they could come to our center closer to home for continued support and ongoing therapeutic services.

Other people will start with outpatient treatment.

Benefits of care on an outpatient basis include:

  • Flexibility in scheduling. 
  • The ability to maintain home, work, and school responsibilities. 
  • Reduced costs compared to inpatient rehab.

Contact us if you’d like to explore the possibilities that outpatient treatment could bring to your life.

Finding Mental Health Services near Decatur, GA

The Berman Center is less than an hour’s drive if you seek mental health services near Decatur, GA. 

While the setting of our center is calm and relaxing, we’re also very close to the Atlanta city center for convenience and accessibility.

If you’d like to learn more because you’re searching for addiction treatment in Decatur or nearby mental health services, we’re happy to talk with you any time.


Adult Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Services

At The Berman Center, we work with both adults and teens. 

Our adult programs are all offered on an outpatient basis. Our approach is customized, with no two treatment plans being identical. Treatment is holistic, considering your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

While all of our programs are outpatient, we offer a couple of levels of care for adults.

Our most intensive type of treatment is our Atlanta partial hospitalization program, where you can expect:

  • Treatment five days a week focused on daily group sessions.
  • Weekly individual therapy sessions
  • Two family therapy sessions monthly.
  • Psychological and medical evaluations.
  • Spiritual guidance and groups.
  • 24/7 counselor support.
  • Medication management.
  • Drug and alcohol screening.
  • Active participation in the selection of your curriculum.
  • Access to amenities like a yoga studio, gym, and arcade games.
  • Catered meals that you choose and access to a registered dietician.

We also call this our partial day program, and it’s ideal when you need treatment for psychiatric and substance disorders simultaneously.

A PHP at our Atlanta center is a good option for anyone seeking outpatient treatment near Decatur. Our PHP is a step-down recovery approach, so you’re transitioning through phases of your treatment at your own pace. You also have a sense of structure but can go home at the end of your treatment day, putting the skills you learn into action.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program, or IOP, is also available for adults. Features of an IOP at The Berman Center include:

  • You visit our Atlanta center during the day for services, returning home in the afternoon.
  • There’s a high level of flexibility.
  • Family therapy may be part of your treatment.
  • Specialty treatments are available.

If you’d like to learn more about our IOP for adults, our expert team can help and provide details or answer your questions.

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Decatur Teen Programs

You may be looking for mental health services in Decatur, GA, not for yourself but for your child.

Our Ignite program is for young people aged 14-18.

Ignite is for teens with mental health issues to learn to navigate challenges and gain insight into who they are and how they can build a meaningful life.

The program includes academic support and the availability of tutors, as well as family support.

The Berman Center, along with being evidence-based and expert-led, is in-network with most major insurers. We’re happy to verify your insurance coverage, which will often cover at least a portion of the costs of behavioral health services. Reach out to our team in Atlanta today for information about rehab and mental health services to meet your needs or the needs of someone you care about.


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