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The Berman Center provides mental health and addiction treatment near Dunwoody.

Dunwoody Treatment Center

Dunwoody, GA, is one of the many distinctive, thriving suburbs in the greater Atlanta area. The city has a unique history of neighborhood development. Nevertheless, it faces the same community-wide problems that affect other locales in Georgia and throughout the U.S. For example, a significant percentage of Dunwoody residents have a substance use disorder (SUD). As a result, they need professional help for the symptoms of dysfunctional substance abuse or addiction. Effective treatment resources can help you or your loved one combat these symptoms and regain your sobriety. 

Need a Dunwoody treatment center that features modern resources for SUD recovery? Turn to the local specialists at The Berman Center. With our help, you can take full advantage of today’s finest options for customized care. That’s true even if you experience the additional mental health issues that often co-occur with substance use disorders.

The Berman Center is an outpatient mental health treatment center near Atlanta. Contact us today to learn more about our Georgia mental health treatment programs.

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SUDs and Mental Health Issues in Dunwoody and the Greater Atlanta Region

The SUD definition highlights an essential fact about drug and alcohol problems. Namely, issues with addiction and non-addicted substance abuse are often deeply interconnected. A person with a diagnosable disorder can have any combination of symptoms triggered by these problems. In addition, the impact of an SUD on your well-being can range from mild to severe. Even the mildest version of the condition will impair your ability to function and feel a sense of wellness. 

Alcohol use disorder is America’s most common form of SUD. However, this condition occurs at unusually low rates in greater Atlanta. As a result, the region lags a bit behind the nation when it comes to overall SUD exposure.

In addition, Dunwoody and the Atlanta area fall below the national average for cases of major depression. Why is this important? First, depression occurs more often in the U.S. than any other serious mental illness. Along with other such illnesses, it has a particularly common impact on people affected by SUDs. 

Dunwoody might be spared from high rates of substance problems and mental illness. Still, these conditions are an ongoing concern. At any given time, hundreds of local residents likely have untreated SUD symptoms. That may well include you or someone close to you. Contact The Berman Center today for more on the impact of substance and mental health issues in Dunwoody and greater Atlanta.


Addiction Treatment near Dunwoody

If you’re affected by drug or alcohol addiction, SUD recovery is a multi-step process that includes:

Detox is essential because it helps you disrupt the cycle of addiction and safely quit using alcohol or drugs. Active treatment is essential for several reasons. That includes such things as helping you:

  • Understand and address your underlying reasons for taking drugs or drinking
  • Protect your sobriety after detox and limit your short-term relapse risks
  • Make behavioral changes that support a long-term sober lifestyle

There is a specific recommended course of detox for every kind of SUD. That general recommendation is further customized to take your situation into account. In this way, you gain the greatest possible benefit from your detoxification program.

Active treatment also combines SUD-specific care with a customized approach. The typical treatment plan includes at least one psychotherapy option, such as:

  • Psychoeducation
  • Family therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Counseling for relapse prevention
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
  • 12-step facilitation

Therapy sessions sometimes take an individual approach and include only you and your therapist. They may also involve other participants who get help alongside you in a group setting. There are proven recovery benefits to both kinds of sessions. For this reason, individual and group therapy options are frequently combined. 

Effective alcohol or drug rehab in Dunwoody may also make use of additional, holistic methods. Available versions of these whole-person recovery resources include:

  • Life skills classes
  • Meditation
  • Experiential therapy
  • Fitness program
  • Yoga 
  • Music and art therapy

Have more questions about your treatment options in our Dunwoody treatment center? Consult our in-house specialists today.

Additional Resources for Mental Health Treatment near Dunwoody

One of the stark realities of SUDs is that they often coincide with other kinds of mental health disorders. Major depression is perhaps the most prominent example of these overlapping conditions. Others include:

  • Schizophrenia 
  • Bipolar illnesses
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Personality disorders

There are several reasons for the common connection between these illnesses and SUDs. For example, they share some key hereditary risks. In addition, the odds of developing both problems increase if you’ve experienced a highly traumatic event. Recurring exposure to a high-stress environment can also help trigger both SUDs and other mental health issues. 

Your SUD symptoms may predate your struggle with other mental illnesses. The reverse may also be true. In either case, restoration of your well-being requires a coordinated care plan. This plan must help you get and stay sober. At the same time, it must help you recover from the second condition affecting you. 

The Berman Center specializes in these customized, dual-focus treatment plans. Talk to us today for more information on their essential place in your recovery from SUDs and mental illness.

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Why Choose Our Rehab Center near Dunwoody?

All effective rehab programs do two crucial things. First, they facilitate your recovery from the problems affecting you. Second, they help you get better in the most timely, efficient way possible. These dual goals help explain why some people take part in inpatient treatment while others enroll in outpatient programs. 

At The Berman Center, our focus is on providing high-level outpatient recovery services. To this end, we feature intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) and partial hospitalization programs (PHPs). Both of these options feature advanced resources for those with moderate or moderate-to-severe SUDs. Either may be the preferred option in your particular situation. Consult us today to find out more about choosing between an IOP and a PHP. 

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Thousands of area residents across the greater Atlanta area have problems qualifying them for an SUD diagnosis. That includes a small but significant portion of the population of Dunwoody, Georgia. A substance use disorder can have a lasting effect on you or your loved one. Nevertheless, you can limit this effect and restore your sobriety with help from addiction recovery experts. Our Atlanta addiction treatment center can help.

The Berman Center is a recognized regional source for modern SUD treatment. With help from our Sandy Springs treatment center, you can take advantage of today’s state-of-the-art outpatient rehab services. And in turn, these services can help you regain your sobriety and successfully cope with any additional mental health challenges. Our goal is to support you as you restore your sense of agency and re-establish wellness and daily function. Contact us today to make your first steps toward these crucial recovery milestones


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