EVOLVE is a 8 to 12-week, Intensive Outpatient Program for adolescents ages 14-18 who are living with mental health issues. Participants learn the life skills needed to navigate our complex world and to develop insight into who they are, why they do what they do, and how they can create meaningful lives by contributing to others.

Treatment Programs as Unique as Your Child

We treat your child as an individual. No cookie-cutter programs here. We listen deeply. We connect. We see your child for who they are. Then, our team of highly-trained therapists creates a holistic treatment program specifically tailored to your child’s mind, body, and spirit.

Support for the Whole Family

It’s essential that the family as a whole gain deeper understanding of their loved one and learn how to play an active, supporting role in their healing process. That’s why EVOLVE offers classes not only for your child but also for parents and siblings, and other supportive family and friends who want to be involved.

One, Unified Purpose

The Berman Center works as one, unified team with one, unified intention: to restore your child first to themselves, then to their family and their academic life.

It takes a village to support a child. That’s why we involve parents, clinicians, psychiatrist, and school to address and restore every area of your child’s life. In time, your child will gain the life and communication skills needed to set them firmly on the road to becoming their best self.

Academic Support

Most adolescents are in school while attending our program. This can be both a stressor and an opportunity for your child to put into practice what he’s learning right away. Our academic liaison will work with your child’s school to ensure that they stay on top of their schoolwork while getting the most out of treatment.

We also offer tutoring by professionals who have been trained to work with students struggling with mental health issues.



Who knows what anybody is capable of doing?

When your child tells you that they need to be dead –  you take them seriously and your heart drops through the floor. With the help of a lot of people, she’s not dead. Instead she is trending well in her recovery from an event that took place earlier this year.

We were fortunate to have enlisted the services of the Berman Center. The honesty and care of Alyza Berman and her staff have provided a strong foundation on which to build a lasting recovery. We are growing closer as a family and we know that we can reach out to the Berman Center at any time and receive a caring response or suggestion.

– Maurice (father of a client)


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Now Offering a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)