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Explore meth addiction treatment programs at our drug rehab in Georgia.

Meth Rehab in Georgia

Methamphetamine, or meth, is a heavily addictive stimulant drug. Using meth can have devastating consequences, but recovery from meth abuse is possible. 

If you’re looking for a meth rehab in Georgia for yourself or a loved one, you’re in the right place. Our outpatient meth rehab in Georgia offers customized substance abuse treatment that caters to the individual needs of each client.

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Signs of Meth Abuse

Signs of meth usage can be physical, mental, or behavioral. A hallmark sign of meth addiction is ongoing meth use despite consequences that have or may occur as a result of interacting with the drug. Even if you want or have tried to stop, you may find it difficult to do so. 

Alongside continuing to use meth despite its negative effects, many people who face meth addiction will experience a combination of the following symptoms:

  • Mood swings (e.g., going from feelings of euphoria to anger or irritability)
  • Drug paraphernalia around one’s home (e.g.burnt spoons, pipes)
  • Tooth or gum damage (sometimes called “meth mouth”)
  • Trouble keeping up with responsibilities due to meth use
  • Loss of interest in activities one usually enjoys
  • Heightened need for privacy or secrecy
  • Increased energy or erratic behavior 
  • Sores or scabs due to skin picking 
  • Hallucinations or delusions
  • Reduced need for sleep 
  • Lack of appetite
  • Weight loss  
  • Paranoia 

Noticing the signs of meth abuse in yourself or someone else can help you identify that there’s a problem, which can be the first step toward recovery.

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Short and Long-Term Effects of Meth Abuse

There are both short and long-term effects of meth abuse. Mixing meth with other drugs or prolonged meth abuse increases the risk of serious consequences. However, the negative impacts of abusing meth can present at any time. Some symptoms of meth use, such as hallucinations, delusions, tooth decay, skin problems, and impulsivity, can be negative effects in and of themselves. 

Other possible short and long-term consequences of meth use include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • High blood pressure
  • Rapid or irregular heartbeat
  • Increased risk of infections 
  • Problems in interpersonal or familial relationships
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory damage 
  • Changes to brain structure and function
  • New or worsened mental health concerns 
  • Severe dental problems
  • Memory problems
  • Financial problems 
  • Homelessness 
  • Legal problems
  • Overdose
  • Death 
  • Coma 

Although withdrawals from meth use are thankfully relatively manageable and less dangerous than that of other drugs, the negative impacts that present from using meth are serious and can be long-lasting.


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How Drug Rehab for Meth at The Berman Center Can Help

Our meth rehab in Georgia can help you avoid further consequences of meth addiction, rebuild interpersonal and familial relationships, and restart your life. Here are some of the features that make The Berman Center’s meth rehab in Georgia unique.

Customized Addiction Treatment

The Berman Center lets you customize your treatment so that you can discover a path to recovery that works for you. You’ll get to choose from a wide selection of electives of group modalities that’ll take up a significant portion of your treatment schedule. 

Activities and treatments at The Berman Center include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
  • Attachment-based family therapy 
  • Body image therapy
  • Couples counseling 
  • Life skills
  • Art therapy
  • Psychoeducation
  • Nutrition 
  • Music therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Experiential therapy
  • LGBTQ group
  • Fitness  
  • 12 steps
  • Yoga 

Life skills are catered to each client and might include addiction education, job skills, resume building, relapse prevention, and other services. Clients who have completed our programs will have access to our alumni program, which is designed to aid lasting recovery and help you stay sober after treatment.

Dual Diagnosis Disorders

If you have a substance use disorder and one or more additional mental health conditions, it is ideal to address both at the same time. Mental health disorders are a known risk factor for addiction. It is important to find skills that work for you to manage mental health symptoms for overall well-being. 

Our Atlanta dual diagnosis treatment center addresses co-occurring mental health concerns and other factors that play a role in addiction to promote lasting recovery. For example:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Schizophrenia 
  • Grief 
  • Personality disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Trauma 
  • OCD
  • PTSD

Before you start treatment, we’ll give you an assessment to get a better idea of your treatment needs and help you decide whether our services are right for you.


Outpatient Meth Rehab in Georgia

The Berman Center is a fully outpatient treatment center. If you need housing accommodations while in treatment, we will help you connect with a sober living option nearby. Staying in sober living is not a requirement for our programs but can help by providing accountability and support if desired.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) offers comprehensive addiction treatment without the 24/7 supervision of an inpatient program. However, PHP is more structured and requires a higher time commitment than other outpatient programs. The Berman Center’s partial hospitalization program lasts for a total of ten weeks.

PHP clients at The Berman Center attend treatment five days per week (Monday-Friday, 10 AM to 3:30 PM) for the first four weeks. For the remaining six weeks of treatment, you’ll step down to a reduced intensive outpatient treatment schedule. 

In PHP, you’ll have:

  • Daily group sessions
  • Once-weekly individual therapy
  • Two family therapy sessions per month
  • Medication management sessions 
  • Psychological evaluation 
  • Medical evaluation
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • 24/7 counselor support 

PHP clients will receive lunch and get to choose their meals. Registered dieticians can help with your nutritional needs and can help if you have co-occurring disordered eating or eating disorder-related concerns.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) lasts for a total of eight weeks and has a lower time commitment than PHP. IOP can be a starting level of care, or it can be used as a step-down form of care once you finish PHP. 

IOP clients at The Berman Center attend treatment three days per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 AM-1 PM). Here is a sample schedule of an IOP client at The Berman Center:

  • 10 AM: Process Group
  • 11 AM: Skills/experiential group
  • 12 PM: Elective group

Since IOP is more flexible than PHP, it can be ideal for those who need time for external commitments, like work or school, while in treatment.

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