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Drug Rehab in Smyrna, GA

The Berman Center provides mental health and addiction treatment in Smyrna

Smyrna Treatment Center

Dunwoody, GA, is one of the many distinctive, thriving suburbs in the greater Atlanta area. The city has a unique history of neighborhood development. Nevertheless, it faces the same community-wide problems that affect other locales in Georgia and throughout the U.S. For example, a significant percentage of Dunwoody residents have a substance use disorder (SUD). As a result, they need professional help for the symptoms of dysfunctional substance abuse or addiction. Effective treatment resources can help you or your loved one combat these symptoms and regain your sobriety. 

Need a Dunwoody treatment center that features modern resources for SUD recovery? Turn to the local specialists at The Berman Center. With our help, you can take full advantage of today’s finest options for customized care. That’s true even if you experience the additional mental health issues that often co-occur with substance use disorders.

The Berman Center is an outpatient mental health treatment center near Atlanta. Contact us today to learn more about our Georgia mental health treatment programs.

Adults 18+

Substance Abuse


Discover how our substance abuse program can help you overcome addiction for good.
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Adults 18+

Mental Health

Mental Health

Learn more about our mental health programs for adults at The Berman Center.
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Adults 18+



We offer dual-diagnosis treatment for co-occuring disorders.
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Ages 14-18

Ignite for Adolescents

Ignite IOP

Ignite is our teen & adolescent mental health IOP in Atlanta.
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Regaining Control In Your Life

It’s an important decision whether you’re struggling with addiction or searching for drug rehab in Smyrna or nearby for a loved one.

Addiction takes control away from you—your substance use is compulsive and, without appropriate treatment, will likely worsen over time.

At The Berman Center, we are a leading Georgia addiction and mental health treatment center. We work to help you regain a sense of control in your life, develop coping mechanisms, and reach your goals. These goals can include not only recovering from substance abuse but also creating the life that you want.

Treatment Services in Georgia

While we aren’t in the city itself, if you’re looking for addiction treatment in Smyrna, The Berman Center is nearby in Atlanta. Our Atlanta Intensive Outpatient Programs for substance and mental health are customized.

We treat the following addictions, among others:

  • Alcohol
  • Opioids
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine
  • Marijuana
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Cocaine

We also treat co-occurring mental health conditions, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depressive disorders
  • Trauma
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

At The Berman Center, our evidence-based treatments focus on creating a soul-to-soul connection and a sense of community. General types of therapy we use, if you’re looking for addiction treatment in Smyrna or nearby, include:

  • Individual: You develop a close relationship with your therapist in an individual therapy session at our center. You can start learning and exploring the underlying causes of your addiction or mental health disorders and working towards your treatment and recovery goals.
  • Group: In group therapy, a cornerstone of our treatment programs, you learn more about mental health and addiction. You can interact and share with people going through similar things to what you are.
  • Experiential: These holistic therapies are meant to help you learn how to live a self-directed, fulfilling life. Experiential therapies that might be part of your treatment plan include expressive arts, art therapy, yoga, mindfulness, and music therapy.

When you’re looking for outpatient treatment in Smyrna, The Berman Center is an option. We are an Atlanta treatment center that focuses on the goals of community and connection for a positive life.


Levels of Care and Programs at The Berman Center

Our center provides life-saving addiction and mental health treatment in a comfortable, safe environment.

Specific levels of care and programs available include:

  • Adult drug and alcohol addiction: Our adult addiction treatment program is Intensive Outpatient. An Intensive Outpatient Program integrates leading-edge treatments that cater to your needs on a holistic level. You’ll work with licensed professional therapists, and you’ll also receive life skills training that is designed around your needs. Additional services might include recovery coaching, career pathway support, 12-step yoga sessions, and personal training.
  • Adult mental health: This program is for adults 18 and older. Our Intensive Outpatient Program in Atlanta helps if you’re dealing with various mental health disorders, including co-occurring substance abuse. Your therapy sessions are planned around you and are patient-centric in all ways.
  • Adult dual diagnosis: If you’re dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder, you might participate in our dual diagnosis treatment programs.
  • Partial hospitalization programs: Our center offers a PHP for adults 18 and older. You work on an evidence-based plan for your recovery. Your treatment team will include medical doctors, psychotherapists, counselors, and spiritual leaders. You work to develop tools and skills to transition to a lower level of care.
  • Ignite for Adolescents: Ignite is a 10-week program on an intensive outpatient basis. It’s for teens between 14 and 18 with mental health issues. The programs help teens learn how to navigate their world. Also part of Ignite programs are academic and family support.

When looking for drug rehab in Smyrna, GA, The Berman Center is an outpatient facility that builds treatment plans around your current needs and future goals.

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What Are the Benefits of an Outpatient Program?

Our Atlanta treatment center’s programs are available on an outpatient basis. This works well for many adults and adolescents because it allows you to continue meeting your obligations at home, school, or work.

You might start your treatment plan in an inpatient setting. Then, once you’re ready, you could come to our center for outpatient care that continues to support your recovery.

It’s also possible that you would start treatment on an outpatient basis, depending on your needs.

Everyone’s treatment journey is unique.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Atlanta-based team at The Berman Center to learn more about our outpatient programs.

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The Berman Center offers you high-quality dual-diagnosis treatment in Atlanta that provides you with the foundation needed for long-term recovery.

What's Next?

When you’re looking for drug rehab in Smyrna, GA, we understand it’s overwhelming, so we help with each admissions process step.

First, if you’re interested in outpatient rehab at our center, we work with most insurance carriers. Insurance will typically cover some of the addiction and mental health treatment costs.

We have an online insurance verification tool you can use to learn more about your coverage.

We can also arrange a tour of our facilities if you’re interested.

Our programs at our Georgia treatment center are comprehensive and structured and include daily therapy, medication management as needed, and holistic activities. Our program and facility can be a transitional step from an inpatient rehab program to outpatient care, and we make sure that each of our patients has ongoing support even after they complete our programs.

We aren’t a corporate-owned center; we are accredited and hands-on. Everything we do is to work toward best serving your needs and ensuring you have the best possible outcomes in your treatment.

The Berman Center is a leader in providing scientifically-driven care and treatment in an environment that emphasizes your wellness as a whole person. Find out more today.


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