Atlanta Outpatient Programs for Adults & Adolescents Struggling with Mental Health & Substance Use

Alyza Berman, LCSW, RRT- P

Founder & Executive Director, Clinical Director of The Berman Center

After working as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice and as a Clinical Director of several treatment centers since 2002, it was time for me to create my own clinic which reflected my own vision. I wanted The Berman Center to provide a warm and welcoming, homelike environment that would help our clients feel a part of a community as they traveled their journey to recovery.

I use a variety of therapeutic modalities to treat mental illnesses, addiction, eating disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. I’m also a Rapid Resolution Therapy trauma specialist, as well as an individual, group, couples, and family therapist.

It’s crucial that my clients feel accepted and loved as they undergo their therapeutic process and find meaning, purpose, and hope for their lives.

I’ve dedicated The Berman Center in honor of Estee, a young woman who lost her life to addiction a few days short of her 21st birthday – a loss which deeply affected me and also brought clarity to my own life’s purpose. The dove in The Berman Center’s logo was part of Estee’s artwork and we’re proud to use it in her memory.