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The Berman Center offers treatment for co-occurring disorders through an addiction and mental health treatment center in Vinings.

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Center in Vinings, GA

Addiction can make you feel like you’re drowning in your own life. Whether you’re a person with a substance use disorder or looking for drug rehab centers in Vinings, GA, it’s a huge decision because you’re helping yourself or someone you love. Not all Atlanta treatment centers are the same in their approach or the quality of care.

We encourage you to learn more about The Berman Center if you want addiction treatment in Vinings or nearby mental health care. Our outpatient mental health center in Atlanta uses holistic treatment methods on a flexible outpatient basis so that you can overcome addiction, begin recovery, and live the life you envision.

Adults 18+

Substance Abuse


Discover how our substance abuse program can help you overcome addiction for good.
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Adults 18+

Mental Health

Mental Health

Learn more about our mental health programs for adults at The Berman Center.
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Adults 18+



We offer dual-diagnosis treatment for co-occuring disorders.
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Ages 14-18

Ignite for Adolescents

Ignite IOP

Ignite is our teen & adolescent mental health IOP in Atlanta.
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Comparing Drug Rehab Centers in Vinings, GA, and Nearby

Addiction is a potentially life-threatening disease affecting your brain, behavior, thoughts, and physical health. It’s essential to find a treatment center that understands the situation’s complexity, whether you’re looking for an outpatient in Vinings or another type of program.

There’s not one approach that works for everyone—treatment has to be individualized first and foremost.

Other things you should look for as you compare rehab centers include:

  • Is the staff qualified? Is it composed of medical doctors, mental health clinicians, counselors, and other professionals who will create a supportive environment?
  • Do they take insurance? If not, what are the payment options?
  • Is the program inpatient or outpatient?
  • Which age groups can receive treatment? Are there specialized programs for teens?
  • What’s the aftercare support like?

The Berman Center isn’t a drug rehab in Vinings but is nearby in Atlanta. We work with clients from around the state, including adults and teens.


What We Treat

At our center, we treat all types of addictions, including:

  • Alcoholism
  • Opioid and heroin addiction
  • Marijuana dependence
  • Meth addiction
  • Benzodiazepine misuse and addiction
  • Cocaine addiction

If you’re unsure of the type of program best suited to your needs, our Atlanta team can help answer your questions.

We Work With Most Insurance Carriers

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What Are the Benefits of An Outpatient Program?

The Berman Center’s programs are all outpatient. You might start with a residential inpatient program as you’re stabilizing and in the earliest days of withdrawal and treatment. If so, then you could transition into one of our outpatient programs.

Some people also begin their treatment journey in outpatient rehab when appropriate.

Regardless, an outpatient program has unique benefits, including:

  • It’s usually less expensive than an inpatient program because it excludes room and board costs.
  • There’s a lot of flexibility in how and when you receive treatment.
  • You start to use the coping mechanisms you learn in treatment and get the opportunity for self-accountability. 
  • You can return home after treatment to a supportive environment.
  • Outpatient rehab programs allow for continuing school, work, or family responsibilities.

Evidence-based therapies that may be part of a treatment plan include:

  • Individual: You can develop a close relationship with your therapist during individual counseling. You can explore individual factors in your life that may contribute to addiction or mental disorders and set specific goals for you to work toward.
  • Group: In addiction and mental health treatment, group therapy is important. You can share experiences with people who are going through or have gone through something similar.
  • Experiential: Our treatments focus on the whole person. We may use holistic or experiential treatments, including goal-oriented therapy, yoga, mindfulness, and music therapy.

If you’d like to learn more about the level of care that’s right for you, or you’re just starting your search for drug rehab centers in Vinings, GA, we can help.

Don't Wait Any Longer

The Berman Center offers you high-quality dual-diagnosis treatment in Atlanta that provides you with the foundation needed for long-term recovery.

Programs for Adults at Our Vinings Treatment Center

When looking for outpatient treatment in Vinings, consider a program at The Berman Center. All of our programs for adults are outpatient, so they can work with your needs flexibly.

Along with addiction treatment services, mental health care is also available.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) is evidence-based for people 18 and older. The program requires you to attend the center five days a week and participate in daily group therapy sessions.

You’re also going to do a weekly individual therapy session, and your plan may include two family therapy sessions each month.

Other things that could be part of a holistic PHP at our Atlanta-area center include:

  • Medical and psychological evaluations
  • Medication management
  • Screenings for drugs and alcohol
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Around-the-clock support from your counselor
  • Life skills training
  • Job coaching

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Berman Center’s intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a step down from the more intensive PHP.

Your treatment plan will include individual therapy on an outpatient basis so that you can set and work toward recovery and life goals. Group therapy helps you build a sense of community and social support.

Also, part of our center’s IOPs is experiential therapy. This holistic is aimed at treating all of your needs as a whole person.

Dual Diagnosis

It’s estimated that around half of people with a substance use disorder have a psychiatric disorder. These are co-occurring disorders. Treatment approaches should be dual diagnosis, as is available at our Atlanta facility.

For example, depression and addiction are the most commonly diagnosed co-occurring disorders. Both conditions must be treated at the same time. Otherwise, you’re at a greater risk of relapsing.


Find Your Individual Path to Long-Term Healing.

Contact our caring team today to learn more about our top-rated outpatient mental health treatment in Atlanta.

Services for Teens

If you want mental health treatment in Vinings for a teen, our Ignite program is an option. Ignite is specifically designed for the needs of adolescents aged 14-18. This is a unique population with particular needs.

Teens in the Ignite program learn skills to create a meaningful life. Other parts of the Ignite program for teens might include:

  • Academic support.
  • Tutoring by professionals trained to work with teens struggling with mental health disorders.
  • Family support.
  • Flexibility so that treatment can be worked into an existing schedule, such as school holidays.

We provide access to a range of treatment services at our Atlanta facility. Contact our team at The Berman Center to learn more about Ignite for teens.


What To Know About Our Facility

The Berman Center is less than 44 miles from Vinings. We are just around 20 minutes from the center of Atlanta, in a convenient, accessible, and comfortable location. A few things to know:

  • We’re a local center, not corporately owned.
  • We develop programs best to suit the needs of each of our clients.
  • The Berman Center is CARF-accredited.
  • We’re in-network with most major insurance companies.
  • Programs are extremely individualized.
  • Our programs include alum aftercare support.
  • Family support is an integral part of our programs.

It can worsen if you’re dealing with addiction and mental health issues and can’t connect with drug rehab centers in Vinings, GA or nearby Atlanta. Addiction is a disease that’s progressive, meaning that it almost always gets worse over time without treatment. It also leads to increasingly severe mental and physical complications. We can help you avoid this outcome, so call or message us today.