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Unpacking Fear in Recovery: Understanding and Overcoming

Are you new to recovery? If you are, this is an exciting time in your life. Free from the grip of drugs and alcohol, you are able to start a new chapter. The possibilities are endless as you grow into a healthy, happy, and confident person.

Recovery can also be a time of great anxiety and fear. When you read this blog, you may ask yourself questions such as:

Will people like me when I’m sober?

Will sobriety be difficult to maintain?

What do I do when I have thoughts of using?

Will my life be boring and just filled with meetings?

While fear in recovery can be overwhelming and even paralyzing at times, it can be overcome. This blog will focus on why you experience fear in recovery and will explore a list of the most common fears in recovery and how to overcome them.

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Why Do You Have Fear In Recovery?

Having fear in recovery can be difficult, but it is completely normal. Fear is a distressing emotion that comes about in the face of impending danger or doom. When you think about it, fear is what may have kept you stuck in addiction. When you are actively using substances, you know deep down it’s wrong, but you fear what may happen if you stop. You fear facing the consequences of your addiction, which could include broken relationships, mounting debt, and unemployment or underemployment, among other things.

Fear in recovery is fear of the unknown. While you know that being clean and sober is the right choice, you may fear the process of recovery. You may have AA fear, or you may fear losing family and friends. You may even have fears of what may happen if you relapse.

While experiencing fear in recovery can be frightening, you can overcome it. As long as you focus on living one day at a time and achieving your goals, you can manage your fear  of recovery and begin to grow and prosper.

The Most Common Fears in Recovery

Like all recovering addicts, your list of fears in recovery can include many things. However, there are common fears that many individuals share in recovery. The following are a list of fears in recovery you may face and how you can overcome them.

Fear of Relapse

The most obvious fear you can experience in recovery is relapse. The thought of turning back to substances after all the hard work you’ve done can be demoralizing and difficult to move past. The truth is that 40 to 60 percent of recovering addicts will relapse in their lifetime. While relapse is common and can happen to you, it is not a life sentence. Many people who are successful in recovery have relapsed in their past and simply got back on the horse and worked their program of recovery.

So can you.

Fear of the Future

What happens if you are successful in sobriety? What will happen in the future? What person will you become? In order to achieve long-term sobriety, your focus should be on what you can do today to become a sober person. Living one day at a time to the best of your ability will give you the best chance to succeed.

Fear of Boredom

In early recovery, you may fear that your life will be boring. Up until recently, drugs and alcohol were your gateway to fun. The truth is that sobriety opens up more possibilities for you to have fun. You will meet fun and interesting people who are in recovery or are supportive of your recovery. You can reignite your passion for old hobbies or discover new ones. In recovery, the possibilities are endless.

Kickstart Your Recovery With Help From The Berman Center

Fear may have kept you locked into addiction, and while you may have reservations about getting clean and sober, recovery is the way to lifelong health and happiness. Get over your fear and call The Berman Center today. Our Atlanta treatment programs are overseen by experienced and compassionate professionals whose number one goal is to help you reach lifelong recovery. The tools and support you receive from The Berman Center will help you transform into the person you want to become. Call us today and begin that transformation.

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