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Personality Disorder Treatment

Personality Disorders

The Berman Center offers individualized personality disorder treatment in Atlanta.

Personality Disorder Treatment Center

The Berman Center is a leading outpatient mental health center in Atlanta.

If you’re looking for a borderline personality disorder treatment center or a center specializing in care for other personality disorders, we offer it at The Berman Center.

Since our programs are available on an outpatient basis, we balance flexibility with the highest level of care. Along with mental health care, we also deliver dual diagnosis treatment in Atlanta if you’re simultaneously struggling with substance use.

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What Are Personality Disorders?

A personality disorder is a condition with long-term behavioral patterns and experiences significantly different from cultural expectations. If you have a personality disorder, the patterns usually start to show up in your teen years or early adulthood. They persist over time, creating problems in functioning. Personality disorders are separated into three groups or clusters based on their symptoms and characteristics. These include:

Cluster A

  • Odd or eccentric behaviors
  • Include paranoid, schizoid and schizotypal personality disorders.
  • Symptoms include suspicion of others, detachment from social relationships, and eccentric behavior or magical thinking.

Cluster B

  • Dramatic, emotional or erratic
  • Disorders include antisocial, borderline and histrionic personality disorders. Narcissistic personality disorder is also in this cluster.
  • Depending on the disorder, symptoms can include instability in relationships and emotions and a need for approval or admiration.

Cluster C

  • Defined by anxious or fearful characteristics.
  • Includes avoidant, dependent and obsessive-compulsive personality disorders.
  • Symptoms may include hypersensitivity, excessive reliance on others, or a preoccupation with control and orderliness.
A person can experience traits from multiple clusters or traits that don’t fit well into any particular category. Whether you’re looking for an antisocial personality disorder treatment center or treatment for any of these other disorders, it’s available at The Berman Center. We offer mental health treatment in Georgia that’s evidence-based and innovative so that you can manage your symptoms and lead a fulfilling life.

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What to Expect at a Personality Disorder Treatment Center

Treating personality disorders will usually include a combination of approaches like medication, psychotherapy and support services.

Some of the approaches we use at The Berman Center, a personality disorder treatment center, include:

  • Dialectical behavior therapy: DBT is especially effective for borderline personality disorder, and it focuses on emotional regulation skills as well as distress tolerance, mindfulness and interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: CBT helps with personality disorders because you can work on identifying and challenging your thought patterns and behaviors that are dysfunctional so you can then replace them with something healthier.
  • Schema therapy is an approach to address ingrained schemas or patterns that you may have developed in childhood that contribute to personality disorders.
  • Psychodynamic therapy explores how your early life experiences and unconscious conflicts could have contributed to current behaviors and your symptoms. Through psychodynamic therapy, you can work on increasing self-awareness and insight to develop better relationships and coping strategies.
  • Medications aren’t necessarily a primary treatment for personality disorders, but they can be used to manage specific symptoms or co-occurring conditions like depression.
  • Group therapy and support groups can help you build a support network of people going through similar experiences, and you can learn and practice interpersonal skills.
  • Family therapy can improve communication while addressing patterns of dysfunction in family dynamics.

Treatment for personality disorders can continue on a long-term basis and might include ongoing therapy, symptom monitoring and medication management.

The Berman Center is an avoidant personality disorder treatment center, as well as a provider of integrated care for other personality disorders.


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Dual Diagnosis Personality Disorder Treatment

Our programs at The Berman Center include dual diagnosis treatment in Atlanta. That means that along with personality disorder treatment, we can concurrently address alcohol or drug addiction.

If you have a personality disorder and you’re also struggling with addiction or substance abuse, it can complicate your treatment and recovery process. With dual diagnosis treatment, we can simultaneously target both.

Dual diagnosis treatment for personality disorders can include:

  • A comprehensive initial assessment to learn about your patterns of substance use, mental health symptoms, psychosocial factors and medical history. The goal is to identify and diagnose personality disorders and any co-occurring conditions.
  • Based on the findings of your assessment, a treatment plan is then developed to address both substance use and the personality disorder.
  • Various psychotherapy approaches are used to address both conditions simultaneously. These can help you build coping skills, learn emotional regulation and develop healthier behavior patterns.
  • Pharmacological interventions may be part of your treatment plan. These can include antidepressants or mood stabilizers, for example.
  • During your time at our drug and alcohol rehab in Atlanta, you’ll receive education about the links between mental health and substance abuse and practical skills to manage stress and triggers without returning to substance use.

Other elements of our dual diagnosis personality disorder treatment include supportive services and relapse prevention.

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Levels of Care at Our Personality Disorder Treatment Center

We offer several levels of care as part of our outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment options in Georgia, detailed below.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) at The Berman Center includes an evidence-based, individualized recovery plan to help you transition into a healthy and self-sufficient life.

During a PHP with us, you are prepared with tools and life skills to transition to a lower-intensity treatment level. This is typically an intensive outpatient program.

A PHP offers the same quality of services as a residential plan, but you don’t have to commit to a full-time program, and it’s less expensive.

Intensive Outpatient Program
The IOP available at our center provides more flexibility than residential treatment and a PHP. You come to the center during the day for services and return home in the afternoon. You can live independently and implement what you’re learning during sessions. Our IOPs last eight weeks. Every week, you participate in an individual counseling session and 9-25 hours of group therapy. At our intensive outpatient program in Atlanta, we offer structured schedules, family therapy, specialty treatment and the chance to participate in outings.
Ignite Program

The Ignite Program includes mental health and teen counseling services in Atlanta. Our specialized ten program lasts for ten weeks on either an IOP or partial hospitalization basis, and it’s for teens between the ages of 14 and 17 living with mental health issues, including personality disorders.

As a participant in the Ignite Program, a teen would learn how to navigate the world with life skills and create meaningful lives.

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Personality disorders can be complicated and can negatively affect your life. They also often co-occur with substance use disorders.

At The Berman Center, we can help deliver effective personality disorder treatment and, if necessary, addiction treatment. Contact us today.


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