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Teen Relapse Prevention: Strategies for Long-Term Sobriety

People who are in recovery are always at risk for a relapse. Statistics show that 40 to 60 percent of people who successfully complete drug treatment relapse at some point in their lives. The same statistics hold true for teens who are in recovery. In order to give teens the best chance at lasting sobriety, you and your teen need to know the common reasons for relapse as well as common teen relapse prevention strategies.

This blog focuses on teen relapse prevention and the strategies you can employ to achieve long-term sobriety. When it comes to addiction treatment, teens have unique needs that can be addressed through specialized teen treatment programs. The Berman Center has earned the reputation as a leading source for teen therapy in Atlanta. Our holistic treatment program is personalized to meet your child and family’s specific needs. 

Give your child the tools they need to grow and thrive with the help of our mental health and substance abuse treatment center.

Reasons Why Teens Relapse

For teens who are in recovery, there are a number of factors that can lead them to relapse. One of the biggest factors is stress. During the teen years, a major cause of stress is the changes in one’s body and brain. Because of the changes in brain development during this time, many teens struggle with coping with their emotions and can experience unpredictable mood swings. In order to “even out” their feelings, they may return to substance use. 

Another factor is a lack of confidence and motivation to stay sober. This is especially true if families of teens are not fully supportive or are active users themselves. Teens can relapse because of the availability of drugs and alcohol in their home environment.

Teens may also relapse due to social pressure from peers and what they see on social media.

Strategies For Teen Relapse Prevention

The key to teen relapse prevention is developing a plan that gives your teen the tools they need to avoid temptation. The following are strategies that are both simple and effective:

Avoid Friends And Places Connected With Substance Use

As with anyone in recovery, teens need to avoid the people, places, and things that make them vulnerable to relapse. This means letting go of old friends and finding a new friend group that has healthier and more positive values. This also means finding healthier hobbies and outlets.

Set Goals

Another excellent teen relapse prevention strategy is helping your teen set recovery goals. Goals should be realistic, achievable, and provide your teen with a sense of direction. When setting recovery goals, it is ideal to break them down into smaller “micro” goals that can easily be met. 

Attend Continued Therapy Sessions

While completing a drug treatment program is an important milestone, teens must protect their investment. They can do so by continuing with individual and group therapy sessions. In these sessions, teens can further develop their coping skills and get support from other teens who are on the same path toward recovery.

Practicing Self-Care

Teens who look and feel good are less likely to slide back into drug and alcohol use. Practicing good self-care is critical in achieving that goal. Teens in recovery should be eating a balanced and healthy diet, getting regular exercise, getting restful sleep every night, and practicing good hygiene. 

Help Your Teen Take Their Recovery To A New Level With Help From Berman Center

Is your teenager newly in recovery and in need of additional services to help them stay on track? Do you have a teen who is struggling with substance abuse and looking for a fresh start? Located in Atlanta, GA, The Berman Center offers evidence-based outpatient mental health services designed for the specific needs of teenagers. Our evidence-based holistic approach addresses addiction and restores their mind, body, and spirit. We also feature family programs that help each family member heal and become stronger.

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