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The Importance of Teen Substance Abuse Prevention

The teen years are often difficult to navigate. As a teen’s body and brain grow, they may also feel tremendous pressures at school and with their families. The stresses with all of these changes can lead them to turn to drugs and alcohol in order to cope with their feelings. Over time, teens can become addicted to substances, and this can have long-lasting impacts on their physical and social development. The key to minimizing these risks is engaging in teen substance abuse prevention methods.

This article focuses on the importance of teen substance abuse prevention and what you as a parent can do to help your child steer clear of drugs and alcohol. If you suspect your son or daughter is using substances, today is the day you find professional help. The Berman Center is a premier teen outpatient addiction treatment center in Atlanta. We offer teen therapy and outpatient treatment programs that are evidence-based, dynamic, and tailored to meet your teen’s needs.

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Why Do Teens Turn To Drugs And Alcohol?

There are many reasons why teens turn to drugs and alcohol. The most obvious factor is having a family history of substance abuse. Similarly, teens are more likely to turn to substances if there is a family member that is currently using drugs. Another huge factor in the development of teen drug addiction is peer pressure. Teens who use substances may start doing so in order to “fit in” and not be seen as being “weak.” What started out as simple experimentation can blossom into full-blown dependence and addiction if not caught in time.

With the mass proliferation of social media, teens may be exposed to images and videos of celebrities and peers indulging in substances. As stated earlier, many teens turn to drugs and alcohol in order to deal with the increased pressures of everyday life, such as increased expectations to do well in school and take on more responsibility at home. While many young people find healthy outlets to channel their emotions, some will turn to substances for the quick fix to feel better.

Keys To Effective Teen Substance Abuse Prevention

When talking to your teen about substance use, you must tread very carefully. You don’t want to smother them with your concern about drug use, but you also don’t want to be too lax. A cornerstone of effective teen substance abuse prevention is to have this conversation when both of you are relaxed and have no interruption. Listen to your teen and ask them their views on substance use. Discuss the reasons not to use drugs and ways to resist peer pressure. If you have used drugs and alcohol as a teen, talk to them about your experiences and how it affected your life.

Another big component of the teen substance abuse prevention puzzle is knowing your teen’s friends. If you notice that your teen has left their old friend group and has found new friends, it can be a red flag they may be using substances. You also want to talk to your teenager about what they see on social media and how it makes them feel about substance use. Ultimately, provide your adolescent support and let them know you are there to talk about drug use. Praise your teen when they make good decisions. 

The Berman Center Provides Programs And Support To Help Your Teen Turn Away From Drugs

Your teen son or daughter may be bombarded with stress from all angles, and drug use can seem like an easy fix to their worries. If your teen is using substances or struggling with substance use, it’s essential to find professional help as soon as possible. The Berman Center provides evidence-based outpatient treatment programs specifically designed for the unique needs of teenagers.

Our programs for drug treatment, mental health treatment, and dual diagnosis treatment in Atlanta feature individual, group, and family therapy and 24/7 counselor support. These programs are tailored to meet your teen’s unique needs and are adaptable to changes throughout the treatment process. Transform your teen’s life today with help from The Berman Center. 

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