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What Are the Dangers of Vaping For Teens?

Over the past decade, vaping has become very popular among teenagers. Drawn in by vapes’ eye-catching designs and exotic flavors, more and more young people are turning to vaping. With the wide availability of vapes and vape supplies, many teens feel that vaping is a safe alternative to smoking.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality, the dangers of vapes are real, and many teens can experience serious health risks. This article explores the dangers of vaping for teens as well as the signs you as a parent need to look for. Is your teen vaping and is it impairing their health and well-being? The Berman Center is a premier outpatient mental health center in Atlanta. We offer evidence-based programs and services that are specifically designed for the unique needs of teenagers. 

Call us toll-free today and help your son or daughter break free from vape use and addiction for good.

Is Vaping Dangerous?

As stated in the introduction, vaping has become commonplace in American culture and especially teen culture. According to statistics provided by the Food and Drug Administration, 10 percent of students reported using tobacco-related products in the last year. Of that percentage, vapes account for most of teen usage. In fact, vapes and e-cigarettes have been the most popular nicotine product for teens for the last decade. 

While widely available, the danger of vapes cannot be understated. While many vape products are advertised as not containing nicotine, most products do contain significant amounts of the drug. Also, the flavored smoke contains particles that scar the lungs and cause breathing issues. Nicotine severely impacts the teen brain and its development. The nicotine found in vapes prohibits the formation of neuron connection in the teen brain, resulting in memory and cognitive issues that can last well into adulthood.

Worse yet, vapes can act as a gateway to other substances such as marijuana and alcohol. An increased dependence on vapes and similar products creates a tolerance to those products. If teens cease use, they can experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that can significantly impact their physical and mental health. 

What Are The Warning Signs of Teen Vaping?

Do you suspect that your teen is vaping? The following are the most common signs that your son or daughter is using vape products:

  • Smelling Sweet Scents in the Air: Many vape products include sweet flavors that produce aromatic scents. If sweet-smelling air permeates your teen’s room, that is a red flag.
  • Unfamiliar Pens or USB Drives in Your Teen’s Room: Vapes commonly look like pens or USB drives. Seeing more of these devices in your teen’s room or in your teen’s possession is a strong signal they are vaping.
  • Frequent Nosebleeds: The liquids in vapes contain propylene glycol, which is a dehydrating agent that reduces moisture in the nose. 
  • Smoker’s cough: An increasing number of studies show that teens who vape develop smoker’s cough as well as mouth sores.

Getting Help For Your Teen

The dangers of vaping for teens are very real. If your teen is using vapes, you must find professional help as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of rehab facilities offering nicotine and vape treatment programs specifically developed for teenagers. Almost all of these programs can be done outpatient and have strong family involvement in the treatment process. 

The Berman Center WIll Give Your Teen The Tools and Support They Need to Quit Vaping

Vaping is far from harmless; in fact, vaping is dangerous to the health of your teen. In order to help your son or daughter, you must find a treatment program that is evidence-based and designed specifically for the special needs of teenagers. As Atlanta’s premier treatment facility, The Berman Center has earned a reputation for providing teens and their families with the tools and support they need to overcome vape addiction and other substance abuse issues.
Our Atlanta intensive outpatient programs and afterschool programs allow the whole family to be involved in the treatment and healing process. We also offer dual diagnosis treatment and teen therapy in Atlanta to help address any mental health concerns. Call The Berman Center right now and help your teen break the vicious cycle of vape abuse and addiction.

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