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Signs of Teen Nicotine Addiction

As a parent, you have many worries when it comes to your teenager. You worry about navigating the pitfalls of adolescence, peer pressure, and the increasing expectations placed on teens to succeed academically. One of the major worries you may have is your teen smoking or using e-cigarettes. While these products are legal and readily available, they also are highly addictive.
This article will discuss teen smoking and the signs of nicotine addiction. Are you worried that your son or daughter is showing the signs of teen nicotine addiction? If the answer is yes, you need to find professional help as soon as possible. As one of Georgia’s premier outpatient facilities, The Berman Center features evidence-based treatment programs specifically designed for the unique needs of teens. 

No matter the severity of teen cigarette addiction, the experienced professionals at The Berman Center are here for you. Call us toll-free today to learn more. 

Is Nicotine Addictive?

With other substances high on the “worry list,” nicotine often gets lost in the shuffle. As mentioned in the introduction, cigarettes and vapes are available for purchase in many places and are legal. Because of this, many teens feel that nicotine is a safer drug or may not consider it a drug at all. In regards to vapes and vaping, some teens feel that is a safe alternative to other drugs.

The reality is that nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs on the planet. When smoked, the drug affects the brain within 20 seconds, and an immense rush of dopamine is released. When people quit using the drug, nicotine levels dramatically drop and start waves of intense urges and cravings for the drug. While many people try to quit nicotine, it can be difficult. In 2018, for example, 7.5 percent of adult smokers in the United States were successful in quitting smoking in the past year.

Given the fact that a teen’s body and brain are still developing, the consequences of addiction are much greater. If you sense that your teen may have a problem, it is important to see the signs of teen nicotine addiction before the problem grows worse. 

What Are The Signs of Teen Nicotine Addiction?

Like with many drugs, the signs of teen nicotine addiction can be hard to detect at first. Teens may go through great lengths to hide their addiction from parents. The following are the most common signs of teen nicotine addiction:

  • Increased irritability or anxiety
  • Increased desire or cravings for tobacco
  • Unable to stop smoking
  • Having a consuming desire for tobacco products

In the case of vaping, the following are the most common warning signs:

  • The presence of unusual pens, USB drives, and other paraphernalia
  • Increased thirst
  • Nosebleeds
  • Unexplained sweet scents on clothes or breath

How Can You Prevent Your Teen From Smoking or Vaping?

If you are concerned that your teen may be wanting to smoke or vape, the following tips will help steer your teen away from tobacco products:

  • Talk to your teen about the dangers of smoking. You also need to try and put yourself in your teen’s shoes and understand the pressures they feel
  • Explain to your teen that vapes and other related tobacco products carry significant addiction risks that pose serious consequences to their health
  • Rehearse responses with your teen if they are offered tobacco products
  • If you smoke, quit
  • Establish a smoke-free home

Call The Berman Center Today and Stop Teen Nicotine Addiction For Good

Teen nicotine addiction is a serious health issue that needs to be immediately addressed. The Berman Center features evidence-based programs and support specifically designed for teenagers. Our Atlanta teen therapy and holistic treatment programs help heal your teen in mind, body, and spirit. Most importantly, our teen nicotine addiction programs allow the whole family to join together to create strong and healthy bonds that foster an environment for growth and change. Our outpatient mental health center in Atlanta also offers dual diagnosis treatment to help treat addiction and mental health disorders.

Get your teen the help and support they need to conquer nicotine addiction for good and call The Berman Center toll-free right now.

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