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Antisocial Personality Disorder Center

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Find comprehensive treatment at an antisocial personality disorder center in Atlanta.

Antisocial Personality Disorder Center

Antisocial personality disorder is a mental condition considered chronic. While this personality disorder can cause an individual to disregard the rights of others, as well as symptoms like a lack of remorse, impulsivity, and deceitfulness, recognizing and treating it is critical. Otherwise, it can significantly impact their quality of life and those around them.

The Berman Center is an outpatient mental health and provider of dual diagnosis treatment in Atlanta. Our approach as an antisocial personality disorder center includes tailored treatment plans with evidence-based practices, medication management, and holistic support.

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Understanding Antisocial Personality Disorder

Antisocial personality disorder stems from multifaceted root causes, including neurological, genetic, and environmental. Early experiences in childhood, like neglect or abuse, can also cause this disorder to develop.

Some of the traits or behaviors that might occur in people with this personality disorder include:

  • Disregarding social norms and laws.
  • Frequently lying, manipulating, and exploiting other people for personal gain.
  • Making hasty, impulsive decisions without considering consequences can lead to dangerous situations.
  • Frequent aggression that leads to assaults or fights.
  • Showing little concern for their safety or that of others.
  • Failure to keep up consistent work behavior or honor financial obligations.
  • Indifference or rationalization when having hurt or mistreated other people.

The Berman Center stands out as the best antisocial personality disorder treatment center for several reasons, including:

  • The Berman Center offers individualized treatment plans to address unique needs. With a personalized approach, every aspect of a person’s condition is considered, which leads to better treatment outcomes.
  • Many people with personality disorders also struggle with other mental health disorders or substance abuse. The Berman Center has expertise in dual diagnosis treatment for integrated, simultaneous care of co-occurring conditions. For example, we can serve as an anxiety and antisocial personality disorder center if these conditions both occur in a client.
  •  Our center utilizes a range of evidence-based therapy interventions tailored to help develop healthier thought patterns, relationships, and emotional regulation skills.
  • The Berman Center has a team of qualified professionals, including therapists, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists, who provide support and comprehensive care delivery to each patient.
  • As an outpatient facility, The Berman Center offers flexibility when you need treatment while maintaining daily responsibilities. An outpatient approach allows you to integrate therapeutic experiences into everyday life to foster personal growth and long-term recovery.
  • Our center creates a non-judgmental, compassionate, nurturing environment, facilitating support and understanding. 
  • Along with traditional therapies, The Berman Center integrates holistic practices and complementary therapies to support the recovery process and overall well-being.

At our outpatient mental health center, each person’s recovery path is unique, and we tailor our treatment plans accordingly. 

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Levels of Care at Our Antisocial Personality Disorder Center

Our programs are outpatient at The Berman Center. Our most intensive level of care is the partial hospitalization program or PHP. This is very beneficial for people with antisocial personality disorder and other co-occurring conditions.

Our PHP provides a structured environment where you can receive comprehensive care and maintain some level of independence.

We also offer an intensive outpatient program, or IOP, which is less intensive than the PHP level of care.

The benefits of a PHP at our antisocial personality disorder center include:

  • A schedule of therapeutic activities throughout the day. This helps you establish routines and manage behaviors in a controlled environment.
  •  The intensity of a PHP ensures clients receive focused attention and care to address the complex symptoms of personality disorders and other co-occurring conditions.
  • We offer various evidence-based therapy interventions, including cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy and dialectical behavior therapy.
  • Our programs include flexibility and independence to return home in the evenings. The benefit is a balance of intensive treatment and freedom so you can gradually reintegrate into your daily life while still receiving support.
  • Skills development in a PHP can include social skills, vocational training and life skills workshops.
  • There’s a sense of community among participants. Clients build connections with peers who understand their struggles, can provide emotional support, and reduce feelings of isolation. There’s a sense of mutual support and encouragement that can be empowering for someone with antisocial personality disorder.

At our intensive outpatient program, you have greater independence than in a PHP, so you get the needed therapy and support but maintain many of your daily responsibilities. You participate in several hours of treatment and activities a week but can keep working, attending school and meeting family obligations.

You’re equipped to make meaningful progress in your recovery with evidence-based therapies, personalized care and practical support.


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Antisocial Personality Disorder and Addiction

Several key factors contribute to a high prevalence of co-occurring antisocial personality disorder and addiction. Some of these factors include:
  • Impulsivity: People with this personality disorder often engage in reckless or risky behaviors without giving thought to the consequences. This can extend to using substances. Individuals can experiment with drugs and alcohol without thinking about possible negative outcomes. Tendencies for thrill-seeking associated with antisocial personality disorder can make substance use especially appealing.
  • Self-medication: When someone is struggling with a mental health disorder like antisocial personality disorder, they might turn to substances as a way to self-medicate and cope with psychological distress and emotions. Substances can provide temporary relief from uncomfortable feelings and reinforce the addiction cycle.
  • Social environment: Individuals with antisocial personality disorder tend to find themselves in environments with prevalent substance use. People may associate with others who engage in similar antisocial behaviors. This can increase drug and alcohol exposure. The desire to fit into certain social groups can also be a driver of substance use.
  • Desire for immediate gratification: Another element of this personality disorder is disregarding future consequences and focusing only on immediate gratification. Short-term thinking can lead to substance use because immediate escape and pleasure might be prioritized over long-term well-being.   
  • Neurobiological factors: Research shows abnormal brain structure and function related to impulse control, reward processing and emotional regulation can be common in both conditions. Having shared neurological vulnerabilities makes someone with antisocial personality disorder more susceptible to addiction.
  • Lack of coping skills: Individuals who have antisocial personality disorder often lack healthy coping mechanisms, and that can mean substance use becomes a maladaptive coping strategy.  
  • Genetic and environmental factors: These can include abuse, neglect, childhood trauma or similar situations, and they contribute to both the development of personality and substance use disorders.
Integrated treatment approaches can include:
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy helps with developing healthier behaviors and thought patterns.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy to enhance emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Motivational interviewing strengthens motivation for change and commitment to change.
  • Medication-assisted treatment or MAT to manage withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings in clients with substance use disorders.
  • Family therapy to improve dynamics, helping support and strengthen the recovery process.
Recognizing the interplay between antisocial personality disorder and substance use disorders dramatically improves patient outcomes. The Berman Center provides mental health treatment along with substance abuse treatment.

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